Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Fashion Frame Review: the Fendi 941R

Fall is in full swing now, with tastes of winter getting our attention, and that means that the holidays will be upon us before we know it. Office parties, family get-togethers, attending the kids winter school extravaganza – you want to look fabulous, and make a great impression, right? Having the right pair of glasses can either be that amazing finishing touch, or spoil the whole effect.

Here is a beautiful solution – the Fendi 941R. The deep, shiny merlot color works well with almost all complexions, complements a vast palette of clothing colors, and – while a fall favorite – works well in all seasons. The shape is a version of a term I coined – an Extreme Feminized Pillowed Rectangle. It has classic rectangle proportions, but sports a nicely shaped arch over the eyebrow, very soft corners, and a flattering lift at the outside edges. Not groundbreaking, but very wearable from casual to dressy.

The wide temples of traditional zyl have been very much in vogue, but many patients complain that they restrict their peripheral vision to the point to where they feel unsafe wearing them. Fendi beautifully solves this fashion dilemma by using a slightly asymmetric open metal box as the frame end piece. Besides adding a touch of elegance, it opens up the sight lines, virtually eliminating the blind spot previously caused by the extra-wide temples.

Speaking of temples, here is where the Fendi 941R really takes the spotlight. A perfectly sized metal plaque of gold on black subtlety and tastefully showcases the inversely mirrored Fendi “F” and should not be a stumbling block for the logo adverse. The piece de resistance are four square cut crystals a few shades lighter than the surrounding zyl. Maybe you've been shying away from bling, not wanting to appear ostentatious; if so, the restrained dazzle of these crystals is exactly what you've been looking for. Not too over-the-top for daytime, not too drab for that gala event.

So what are you waiting for? Run out right quick and order yourself that new pair of glasses to brighten up your holiday season!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Crazy Optical Idea? Or Genius? 141 = one for one

Everett Style

I first heard about 141 on the NW Optical Professionals Facebook site, and what I saw prompted me to search out their booth at the recent Vision Expo West. Founders Shu-Chu Wu and Kyle Yamaguchi were there displaying their wares in a small booth in the Galleria with a clean and simple presentation.

First – 141? One for one? That's right, that's the premise of their entire business – when you buy one of their frames, they commit to buy one pair of glasses for someone in need. They went on a mission to Taiwan in January, 2010, and gave away – for free – 200 pair of glasses to people recovering from a massive typhoon in 2009. They also recently partnered with the Lions Club, Hoya and others in Portland to give away free glasses to people with no health insurance, and a demonstrated need for health care.

Portland has a bit of a reputation on the west coast, and even has it's own humorous TV show, “Portlandia” that lampoons what may be the greenest little big city on the I-5 corridor. The truth is that it truly feels like the majority of the citizens of Portland care about each other, about the place they inhabit, and being intentional about the choices they made. They value small, local, and real. Neighborhoods exist in reality, in the way people care and interact, not just in a name of a few geographically proximate blocks.

So it seems only natural that a company like 141 would spring forth from such a setting. Shu-Chu is the genuine article, the passion for her product, her company and her mission creating this entirely new concept – as they say “No portions of proceeds. No percentages. You buy one, we give one.” Simple, classy, elegant and fabulous!

Ok, so what about the products? Right now they are fully immersed in zyl frames, funky, chunky with a nod to retro. Classic but original colors made just for them. Lots of great styles, with more new designs on the way. While they appeal to all ages, my bet is that these frames will fly off the shelves of shops whose clientele is 20 – 40, and socially conscious.

Whether you are looking to sell these frames, or looking for a place to buy them, check out their website at

Disclaimer: I have received no compensation in any form from 141 eyewear for this review, nor do I sell them (at this time).  Photo used by permission. 

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Stylish and Amazingly Comfortable - Silhouette 7759

I remember when my Silhouette rep brought their first rimless frame out, and tried to talk me into carrying it. We had just ended an era of rimless frames that had been more or less held together by nuts and bolts, and I was very happy to never see another rimless frame again in my life. No more chipped lenses, no more nuts falling off, and glasses spontaneously disassembling themselves to be brought in by mightily disgruntled wearers. Well, Della finally won me over, and I’ve been a huge fan of Silhouette frames ever since. The Model 7759 from the Essential Collection is the latest evolution from that initial design over 10 years ago.
As with all Silhouette rimless frames, this is starting with eight colors and lens shapes. It has the characteristic thin line bridge, which is so simple, efficient and durable that it seems doubtful that it can ever be improved. Of the eight shapes, two are distinctly masculine; two are gender neutral, with the rest being feminine in appearance.

The simple endpiece uses a typical Silhouette screwless hinge to attach the temple. The temple portion of the hinge is a vertical cylinder of colored plastic that accents the color of the temple, and allows the temple to pivot smoothly throughout the range of movement. Starting from a wide “V” at the hinge, the temple narrows down until it connects at an elongated zyl temple tip. Utilizing a two-tone presentation, the temple tips have a smaller area of contrasting color on the very top portion which becomes a slim angled line to the bottom, where it again presents itself with a larger area of impact.

The color palette ranges from fresh and fun black with yellow to dark chocolate with orange and dark burgundy with a soft, pastel sky blue. Black with grey, brown with cream, grey on black and ivory with taupe round out the colors, each with matching or contrasting metal frame colors.

While this frame is not going to start any styling trends, it is a solid addition to an already stellar line-up. After many years of experience, Silhouette is the only totally rimless frame line I carry, as it is exceptionally well made, has a great warranty, and remains in the lineup of the lightest frames available. If you are looking for perhaps the most comfortable frames made with a nice touch of fashion, find the Silhouette dealer closest to you and try on a pair!

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DISCLAIMER: No promotional consideration was given by Silhouette for this review. My place of employment sells Silhouette frames, but was not compensated in any way for this review. All the opinions in this review belong solely to the author.